Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

Jobs of the future will require new and different skills to the current workforce.  STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) skills are critical for jobs of the future — they can help you to design and use new technologies, solve important problems, help people, make a difference to society and protect our environment. Currently, 75 per cent of jobs in the fastest growing industries require STEM skills, and 90 per cent of jobs will require people with STEM skills in the next two to five years.

The focus on STEM is vital to Western Australia’s future economy and local jobs. Having a broad range of STEM skills means greater opportunities for employment, and satisfying careers for  young people and anyone wanting a change in career or direction. 

STEM occupations range from laboratory technicians, digital media and information technology, computer systems engineering, robotics, computer software development and accounting and bookkeeping. The opportunities are endless!  

Working in STEM.
Working in STEM.
Working in STEM.
Working in STEM.
Working in STEM.

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Take2STEM: Careers and jobs information

The Take 2 STEM campaign is about promoting the importance of STEM skills to ensure that all Western Australians are well-placed to take up new and emerging jobs. 

WA is already a leader in technologies such as cyber security, data analysis, remote operations, robotics and medical research, and Take2STEM will build on these strengths to ensure our workforce has the capacity to attract investment and remain globally competitive. 

The Take2STEM campaign features videos of a range of WA STEM champions, a website and a logo co-designed by WA young people. Part of the State Government's STEM Skills Strategy, Take2STEM includes a focus on increasing participation in under-represented groups, including girls and women, people from lower socio-economic backgrounds and Aboriginal students. 


STEM skills for exciting careers

Imagine developing software and AI systems to improve crops, repair submarines, and make new discoveries in space. That’s what WA companies are doing right now — and they are looking for people with STEM skills to help them do it. 

STEM skills enable us to make new discoveries in healthcare and medical research to improve our quality of life and to combat illness and disease. The healthcare  in Australia industry is growing, and your STEM skills will be highly valued by employers!

STEM courses

STEM offers a huge range of training options. Use the course search below to find out more (select from the options under Industry area, and/or the keyword search, to refine the results). Select a qualification or course title to see a list of training providers in Western Australia who deliver it – then select a provider to find out more. 


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The list presented here is only for this industry category.  You can select a qualification or course title to see a list of training providers in Western Australia who deliver it – then select a provider to find out more.

A full course list across all industry areas is available here

Industry categories
The list of courses displayed for a selected industry category is intended to assist individuals learn more about occupation and training pathways, and may not represent all possible pathways for an industry.  For further assistance on occupation and training pathways please contact your nearest Jobs and Skills Centre on 13 64 64. 

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The vocational education and training (VET) courses delivered in Western Australia on this course list are funded through the Department of Training and Workforce Development; these are referred to as publicly funded training.  A range of qualifications and courses for priority industry areas and occupations are subsidised under Jobs and Skills WA, to reduce the cost of training in priority skill areas. To find out more about which courses are subsidised, please take a look at the information available on the main Training page.

Other non-publicly funded courses are available through TAFE colleges and private providers; however these are not included in this course list. To find these other courses, you can search a list of all VET courses in WA via the website.

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    Able Seafarer - Engine Skill Set

    National ID : MARSS00021 | State ID : AE342

    Set yourself up for a great job on the seas!

    This short course skill set offers units from a nationally recognised training package to provide essential training for seafarers  who are in charge of the Integrated Rating on a ship and responsible for implementing the planned maintenance system and maintaining relevant stores. 

    Advanced Chemical Tanker Cargo Operations Skill Set

    National ID : MARSS00022 | State ID : AE347

    Move your career into specialist operations!

    This skill set covers the skills and knowledge required by:

    Advanced Diploma of Civil and Structural Engineering

    National ID : 52873WA | State ID : BGQ97

    Join the next generation of civil and structural engineering experts!

    This comprehensive qualification in civil and structural engineering will provide you with the skills and knowledge to work on projects ranging from skyscrapers to intricate road designs; and expand your study of the design and construction of civil works such as dams, structures and pipe networks. It covers a range of engineering specialities including road, rail, and drainage systems, dams, harbours, bridges and buildings to extend your knowledge so that you can plan, design, develop and manage construction and repair projects relating to these disciplines.

    Advanced Diploma of Civil Construction Design

    National ID : RII60520 | State ID : BGK5

    Ready to construct exciting new futures?

    All of the world's most exciting infrastructure facilities such as roads, railways, buildings, train stations, airports, bridges and tunnels all started with a design! And with this qualification, you could be the designer behind our future new facilities!

    Advanced Diploma of Cyber Security

    National ID : 22610VIC | State ID : BGT52

    Take your cyber security career to the next level — FEE FREE!

    The Advanced Diploma of Cyber Security is perfect for people who already have some experience in the world of information technology or cyber security. You can build on your existing skills and knowledge, and gain advanced skills fighting those cyber criminals!

    Advanced Diploma of Engineering (Mechanical)

    National ID : MEM60122 | State ID : AE00

    Engineer an amazing career!

    The Advanced Diploma of Engineering (Mechanical) covers high level technical and practical skills and knowledge in electrical machinery, mechanical principles and mechanical equipment. You'll learn a range of computer aided drafting (CAD) skills, how to produce drawings for design specifications and how to interpret and create drawings components for the manufacture of equipment.

    Advanced Diploma of Engineering Technology - Electrical

    National ID : UEE62122 | State ID : BHZ3

    Charge up your career in electrical engineering — FEE FREE!

    This qualification gives you the skills for the implementation of smart homes (Internet of Things), automated industrial production line mechatronics, administering or upgrading infrastructure for small to large scale businesses among many other innovative applications.

    Advanced Diploma of Information Technology

    National ID : ICT60220 | State ID : BGJ5

    Level up your career in the world of technology!

    If you're seeking a leadership role in information technology, or need some high level skills and knowledge for a specialist project or career move, the Advanced Diploma of Information Technology is for you!

    Advanced Diploma of Information Technology (Cyber Security)

    National ID : ICT60220 | State ID : AE08

    Skill up for an exciting career in cyber security!

    This course is perfect for anyone with IT skills and experience who's ready to step up and supercharge their career as a  Cyber Security Manager or specialised cyber security consultant.

    Advanced Diploma of Laboratory Management

    National ID : MSL60122 | State ID : BIX4

    Ready to step up and supervise and/or manage laboratory operations? Skill up for a range of job roles including laboratory supervisor or manager, senior technician and similar.

    Displaying 1 - 10 of 319 courses

    State Government STEM strategy and priorities

    In May 2018 the State Government announced Western Australia’s first ever State STEM strategy. The strategy aims to build a globally competitive and innovative workforce with the skills to drive our technological future and create new job opportunities.


    The State Government has also identified increasing participation in STEM as a key target in the Our Priorities: Sharing Prosperity program. This will be supported by training courses and programs, and skills development initiatives.