Finding Aboriginal employees

Employing Aboriginal people makes good business sense – Aboriginal employees add value to the diversity of your company by bringing fresh insights and new ideas that will help your business grow.

Traditionally, employees were found by placing an ad in a newspaper and hoping the right person saw it. Now there are many more ways to focus your search and find exactly who you are looking for. And remember, your local Jobs and Skills Centre can help.


    Aboriginal employees are a valuable addition to any business.
    Aboriginal employees are a valuable addition to any business.
    Aboriginal employees are a valuable addition to any business.
    Aboriginal employees are a valuable addition to any business.
    Aboriginal employees are a valuable addition to any business.

    Useful strategies

    You can find excellent Aboriginal employees by:

    • getting in touch with recruitment agencies and other organisations that specialise in Aboriginal employment – such as your local Jobs and Skills Centre;
    • developing relationships with your local Aboriginal community;
    • encouraging your current employees to engage their personal and professional networks;
    • getting involved in community activities;
    • advertising through Aboriginal media;
    • using social media like Facebook and LinkedIn; and
    • contacting local training organisations and service providers.

    The Aboriginal services jobs board

    The Aboriginal services jobs board has been created specifically to connect employers and business with Aboriginal jobseekers.

    When you register as an employer with the jobs board, you can create and list job advertisements for vacancies, promoting your business and its employment opportunities to Aboriginal jobseekers all across WA.

    We also offer an online application process that enables you to collect and track applications and manage the entire process of recruitment within a single, easy-to-use online interface.

    The Aboriginal services jobs board is a service provided completely free of charge to employers and jobseekers.

    It's easy to use, accessible from any computer or mobile device, and fully supported by your local Jobs and Skills Centre.

    Find out more about the Aboriginal services jobs board

    Are you in regional WA?

    Register with Work and Wander out Yonder to connect with jobseekers

    The State Government's Work and Wander out Yonder  campaign, which launched on 6 September 2020, has been established to encourage young Western Australians (18—30 years of age) to take advantage of job opportunities in regional Wetern Australia.

    The following industry sectors that traditionally rely on interstate and foreign backpackers and visitors to fill jobs, but are currently unable to due to travel restrictions, are the key focus for this campaign.

    • Agriculture and farming — including production at vineyards and fruit orchards
    • Hospitality and tourism — for hotels and resorts, vineyards and breweries, restaurants, hotels, cafes, pubs and clubs as well as at local tourist attractions
    • Small businesses, and customer service roles such as retail and food service

    If you are in a regional area, and have employment opportunities available, go to and follow the instructions to register your details and connect with jobseekers — it's a completely free service. 

    View this flyer for further information

    Work and Wander Out Yonder in WA

    How we can help

    Jobs and Skills Centres are located throughout Perth and regional Western Australia. The centres have strong networks across all industry areas and business communities across WA.

    JSCs promote employment opportunities directly to Aboriginal jobseekers and provide resources and advice to employers on recruitment strategies. They can also help you to create and list your job advertisements through the Aboriginal Services jobs board. These services are all provided at no cost to you or your business. 

    Contact us today to discuss the needs of your business.