Thornlie Jobs and Skills Centre

Located on the Thornlie campus of South Metropolitan TAFE, approximately 10 km southeast from the Perth CBD and within walking distance of the Maddington Central Shopping Centre, the Thornlie Jobs and Skills Centre offers a range of information and services linked to training and career development, with an employment outcome focus. There is a bus stop at the front of the TAFE building and free visitor parking is available in carpark 1, directly accessed from Burslem Drive.

Meet our friendly team who are available to provide free professional and practical advice on training and employment opportunities. We can help you with specific career advice, apprenticeship and traineeship options, and training information to get you started. We also have extensive partnerships with local businesses and industry, and can help with job searching and direct links into work. Our team also has experience in workforce development and will support business owners and employers with our suite of services to support your workforce development needs. 

Students, visitors and employers to the Jobs and Skills Centre can make an appointment on 13 64 64 or 9267 7600 or email our team at

Our services

Aboriginal services

Wanju — Welcome to Aboriginal Services at Thornlie Jobs and Skills Centre.

When you arrive at the Thornlie TAFE Jobs and Skills Centre, you will see signage with the message ‘Wanju’ meaning ‘Welcome’ in the Noongar language of the Aboriginal people of the South West of Western Australia. The signage pays respect to the land on which the centre stands, and it is an invitation and a welcome to Aboriginal clients and all members of the community. In the Noongar culture, changes in the environment signalled the change in season, and with each season Noongar people moved to take advantage of natural resources and opportunities.

Eben Nickerson is our Senior Client Engagement Officer and part of the Aboriginal Services Team. Eben is a proud Wiradjuri man who has lived and worked in Western Australia for over 30 years. He has held roles within private and not for profit sectors as a CEO, Group Manager, Regional Manager and Business Manager working in employment services, group training and registered training services, and logistics. Eben’s career journey has taken place across remote, regional and metropolitan WA. With over 15 years’ relevant industry experience and professional training that creates linkages to support him in his role as a Senior Client Engagement Officer, Eben works to support social and economic outcomes through the creation of career pathways.   

Toni Khamhing is our Senior Client Engagement Officer working with industry and employers to support them to develop their workforce through recruitment, retention and skills development. Toni has worked in the training sector for 13 years and has experience in corporate services, marketing and prospective student services. Toni is a qualified career advisor and has worked in the Jobs and Skills Centre since it opened in April 2018. Toni is focused on building productive relationships with employers and local community services to establish positive outcomes for both employers and jobseekers.

Shirley Eason is our Client Engagement Officer. Shirley has over 14 years’ experience within the career guidance, training and employment sectors and holds a Graduate Certificate of Career Development, Certificate IV in Career and Employability Development, and a Diploma in Teaching. Shirley previously worked at the Career Centre (Department of Training and Workforce) and held roles as a team leader, career counsellor, and project officer providing advice and employment opportunities. Shirley brings a wealth of knowledge to the Thornlie Jobs and Skills Centre assisting clients, students, community and schools.

How we can help you

We provide Aboriginal jobseekers with access to quality career, training and employment services, supporting apprenticeship and traineeship opportunities to get into training or get a job. Armadale JSC provides:

  • culturally sensitive career services;
  • information and advice to choose the best training option based on your goals;
  • access to job opportunities through our Aboriginal jobs board and Deadly Jobs Facebook page;
  • help with resumes, job applications and interview skills; and
  • referrals to other services, depending on your needs.

We shape our services according to the needs of individuals and work with local industries to create connections for Aboriginal clients to local employers. We liaise with community, businesses and employees to create more culturally aware workplaces that attract and retain Aboriginal employees and seek support from Aboriginal communities to ensure our services are appropriate and support clients.

We connect with Indigenous community-based organisations to assist clients with external referrals to suit their needs. 

School engagement is also part of the Aboriginal Services team, connecting with programs such as Clontarf Foundation, Stars Foundation, Follow the Dream and Deadly Sista Girlz. All of these services provide students with career guidance and mentoring as they progress to exit the school system on completion of their studies; and to commence their next journey whether be continuing their education, seeking work or a traineeship or apprenticeship pathway. We work with all senior schools in the local area providing these services to Indigenous students.

For more information on the great range of vacancies and opportunities for Aboriginal people, please contact us on 13 64 64 or 9267 7600 or email for appointments or enquiries, or feel free to pop in.  

Our free jobs boards

We work closely with employers, business owners and industry to identify and create employment opportunities.

View our jobs board- external site

We also have a free jobs board with deadly jobs for Aboriginal people.
View our Aboriginal services jobs board

For all the latest news and information about deadly job opportunities, follow our Deadly Jobs page on Facebook.
Deadly Jobs Facebook page!

If you would like assistance with applying for an opportunity, please call us on 13 64 64 or email

Careers, training and jobs

We provide free and practical advice on training and employment opportunities including career advice, and information on apprenticeship and traineeships; to assist you with decisions about education and training courses, career pathway options and the career planning process. Thornlie Jobs and Skills Centre can help you with:

  • information and guidance on your career choices;
  • information about training and courses;
  • choosing the right training course or qualification to suit your personal, work or career goals;
  • information about different industry areas and occupations;
  • job searching and job matching;
  • skills and qualification recognition information;
  • apprenticeship and traineeship assistance; and
  • culturally sensitive employment and career services for Aboriginal people.

To find out more about our career services and how we can help you please call 13 64 64 or 08 9267 7600 or send us an email at, or come and visit us.

Employers and business

Thornlie Jobs and Skills Centre provides advice and assistance to support employers and business owners with:  

  • recruitment assistance, including for apprentices and trainees;
  • information on training solutions and services that can be customised to meet enterprise-specific needs;
  • advertising employment opportunities on our jobs board or our Aboriginal-specific jobs board;
  • advice and resources to support your workforce planning; 
  • resources and advice on Aboriginal recruitment and retention strategies.

We will also engage with local communities and industries to help build local workforce solutions.

To find out more about these services and how we can help you, please give us a call on 13 64 64 or 9267 7600, email our team at, or come and visit us. 

Specialist services

Thornlie JSC staff work in partnership with South Metropolitan TAFE, and local councils and local youth services, to provide accessible services that enable clients and employers to access the suite of JSC services including recruitment, career guidance and employability workshops.

Thornlie JSC provides specialist wrap around support services to individuals and businesses wishing to develop pathways for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, Cultural and Linguistically Diverse and mature age cohorts to support sustainable training and employment outcomes in our community.

Regional services

Thornlie JSC collaborates with key community stakeholders including Perth South Employment Facilitator and other service providers that link clients to training or employment. This includes Commonwealth employment service providers, registered training organisations, and universities in the region.  

Our JSC team is engaged in community and industry events to ensure we have current labour market information to assist individuals and businesses with specific knowledge on local industry, infrastructure and developments projects to advise on available and emerging training and employment trends.


The following events are hosted on a regular basis by our Jobs and Skills Centre based in Thornlie.

Check out the details for each event and ensure you register your attendance to secure a spot or find out more by using the email.

January events

  • Employer outreach session
    Waalitj Hub Outreach
    Tuesday 18 January 2022, 10.00 am – 3.00 pm
    53 Burswood Road, Burswood.

Contact: Thornlie JSC 08 9267 7600 or email to register or find out more about the above event.

February events

  • Employability Skills Workshop
    Thursday 24 February 2022, 10.00 am – 12 pm 
    Thornlie JSC
    South Metropolitan TAFE Thornlie Campus – Building 1, Burslem Drive, Thornlie.
  • Employer outreach session
    Waalitj Hub Outreach
    Tuesday 15 February 2022, 10.00 am – 3.00 pm
    53 Burswood Road, Burswood.

Contact: Thornlie JSC 08 9267 7600 or email to register or find out more about any of the above events.

March events

  • Employer outreach session
    Waalitj Hub Outreach
    Tuesday 15 March 2022, 10.00 am – 3.00 pm
    53 Burswood Road, Burswood.
  • Employability Skills Workshop
    Thursday 17 March 2022, 10.00 am – 12 pm 
    Thornlie JSC
    South Metropolitan TAFE Thornlie Campus – Building 1, Burslem Drive, Thornlie.
  • Employability Workshop
    Thursday 17 March 2022, 4.00 pm – 6.00 pm
    Hillview Intercultural Community Centre
    1-3 Hill View Place, Bentley.
  • Community Services Open Day
    Wednesday 23 March, 10.00 am 
    Thornlie JSC
    South Metropolitan TAFE Thornlie Campus – Building 1, Burslem Drive, Thornlie.

Contact: Thornlie JSC 08 9267 7600 or email to register or find out more about any of the above events.

Visit us

South Metropolitan TAFE – Building 1, Burslem Drive Thornlie
13 64 64 (or 08 9267 7600)

Contact us

Our facilities

Computers and internet

The Thornlie Jobs and Skills Centre has internet-connected computers available, so that you can browse online for jobs, look up information about training courses, write up a job application or update your CV/resume.

Public transport

Thornlie Jobs and Skills Centre is accessible via the following bus services. Follow the links provided to view the timetable for each route.

  • Route 204 (Murdoch University to Maddington station via Amherst Rd)
    Weekday services: refer to timetable 1 – route 204
  • Route 205 (Murdoch University to Maddinton station via Bridge Rd)
    Weekday and weekend services: refer to timetable 1 – route 205
  • Routes 210 and 211 (Gosnells station to Thornlie station)
    Services operate along Spencer Rd and are within five minutes walking distance to campus. Refer to timetable 10 – route 210 and route 211
  • Route 228 (Thornlie station to Gosnells station via Maddington station)
    Weekday and Saturday services only: refer to timetable 5 – route 228

Ample parking is available at the Thornlie campus, but please do not park in designated staff bays.

The Burslem Drive car park is closest to the Jobs and Skills Centre, in Building 1. 

  • Car park No. 2 has 586 bays is on a first come first served basis. When the car park is full, a sign will be displayed.
  • People with disability have access to designated bays in both car parks No. 1 and 2.C.

Car parks can be accessed Monday to Thursday between 7:30 am and 10:00 pm and on Friday between 7:30 am and 5:00 pm, during TAFE term dates. Security guards patrol both car parks regularly during these periods.

Food and drink

There is a cafeteria on campus that provides a range of food and drinks. Opening hours are 7:30 am to 4 pm Monday to Thursday, and 7:30 am to 3:30 pm on Friday.

The campus is also within easy walking distance to the Maddington Central Shopping Centre.