South regional

Bunbury is located on the coast of our amazing South West and faces the Indian Ocean on the shores of Koombana Bay and Leschenault inlet. Located 200km south of Perth, Bunbury is the largest regional city in Western Australia and the major commercial centre in the local area, offering plenty of job opportunities and leisure experiences for all.

Heading further south, the Great Southern is the largest and most diverse region within Australia’s South West. Located approximately 4-5 hours southeast of Perth, it varies from the unspoilt coastline and idyllic seaside towns to sprawling agricultural lands and national parks harbouring some of the world’s rarest species of flora and fauna.

Residents and visitors enjoy an enviable lifestyle and benefit from a sturdy economy that offers plenty of opportunities. Albany is the urban hub of the Great Southern and holds a special place in national and regional history as the site of Western Australia’s first European settlement and as a focus of unique Anzac connections.

Three Jobs and Skill Centres service the Southern region with outreach services available across the community for industry, employers and jobseeker clients, as a one-stop shop for facilitating job opportunity, careers information and the development of vocational skills.

Follow the links below to find out more about the services available at these centres and information about outreach services. Call 13 64 64 to chat with one of the friendly Jobs and Skills Centre team members in your local area.

An illustrated map of the South regional area, showing Albany, Collie and Bunbury JSCs
Albany beach
Albany vines
Albany windmills