Jobs and Skills WA is dedicated to supporting Western Australia’s employers to attract, recruit and retain Aboriginal employees.

Having a diverse workplace that welcomes Aboriginal employees brings a range of benefits – your business grows with the unique perspectives, experience and knowledge that Aboriginal people can bring to your team, and communities face a brighter future when their young people are working.

Whether your business already has Aboriginal employees, or you're just starting out with employing Aboriginal people, we have information here on the website to help.

There's also resources and useful information below, on this page.

Advantages of employing Aboriginal people

With skills shortages, an ageing workforce, and the challenges of attracting and retaining good employees, one way to make your business more attractive to jobseekers is to encourage diversity in your workplace.

You can enhance your business with the different perspectives, experience and knowledge of Aboriginal employees. They can contribute to the development of cross-cultural awareness in your workplace, which is vital in communicating with suppliers and customers from diverse backgrounds. It makes good business sense to have a workplace open to diversity when you consider that:

  • 56% of Indigenous Australians are under 25 years old, compared with about 33% in the rest of the population; and
  • the Indigenous population in Australia is growing faster than the non-Indigenous population.

You may also be eligible for the Australian Government's financial incentives for employers or their Tailored Assistance Employment Grants (TAEGs) for Indigenous cadetship support.  

Information and support for employers

As an employer or business owner, it's important to have the most current information regarding resources and support that may be available to assist you in starting, retaining and further developing your Aboriginal workforce.

It is also useful to be aware of WA government strategies and initiatives across the state in the area of Aboriginal workforce development.

The following resources and information have been compiled to assist you in the development and management of your Aboriginal workforce. 

Because the information and programs can change frequently, please contact a Jobs and Skills Centre if you would like to know more about what's available.


Aboriginal employment services

These organisations provide employment services and related information for Aboriginal people, and work with employers to recruit Aboriginal people.

You can also use our free Aboriginal services jobs board to advertise your employment opportunities to Aboriginal people.

Find out more about our Aboriginal services jobs board

Financial support

There is a range of financial support that may be available to you as an employer of Aboriginal people. 

Aboriginal Business Directory

The Aboriginal Business Directory is a free service that provides Aboriginal businesses in Western Australia with an opportunity to promote their products and services to potential buyers from government and private organisations. 

Visit the ABDWA website


The ABDWA logo.

The Aboriginal Business Directory WA is a joint project between the Department of Training and Workforce Development,  the Department of Aboriginal Affairs, the Small Business Development Corporation and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia's ProjectConnect.

How we can help

Jobs and Skills Centres have experienced staff who can help you develop your Aboriginal workforce, and assist you in finding the information and support that you need for your business. We also offer a free online jobs board, where you can advertise employment opportunities.

To find out more about how we can help, contact your local JSC.