Year 9 Career Taster Program

Guiding students to be career curious

The Year 9 Career Taster Program (CTP) is an exciting and innovative program, designed to challenge students' thinking and make connections between education and post-school opportunities.

The CTP will provide opportunities for around half of WA's Year 9 students to explore career and study pathways, and help them to make more informed decisions about their subject selections in Years 10, 11 and 12. The program will support Year 9 students to become ‘career curious’ and extend their thinking through practical activities and meaningful experiences with the world of work.

The program will provide a framework of opportunities, giving schools and industry the flexibility to design career exploration experiences that allow students to learn about different industries, and current and emerging occupations and career pathways and the skills required for them. 

How you can contribute, and get involved

We're extending an invitation for you to offer ideas for the program, provide feedback, and get involved and support the Career Taster Program

Please read on, to find out more.

A year 9 student.
A year 9 student.
A year 9 student.
A year 9 student.
A year 9 student.
A year 9 student.

What is the Career Taster Program?

The CTP provides a framework of opportunities from which schools can ‘pick and mix’ to design a career exploration program to suit their students’ interests and learning needs, and integrate it into their Year 9 school program. There are two components to the CTP framework; exploration and experience, and career development training. Both components can be tailored to ensure students are able to participate meaningfully.

Exploration and experience

A range of activities to enable students to see, explore and experience various career options with a focus on practical experiences to engage with the world of work in a practical and engaging way.

Examples may include visits to industry training centres, virtual workplace experiences, or a guest speaker from a particular occupational area.

Activities will allow students to try, see and do; and build their understanding of a range of industries and career pathway options.

Career development training

Students will be able to do the nationally accredited vocational education and training (VET) Course in Early Career Discovery.

The course can be delivered as formal accredited VET program; alternatively, teachers may use the course as a framework to guide delivery of career development and exploration activities to students.

This course will lead students through the stages of early career exploration, to help them understand the process of career development and to introduce career planning.

Program development

The program is being developed by the WA Department of Training and Workforce Development; in collaboration with  the WA Department of Education, Catholic Education WA, the Association of Independent Schools WA, and WA TAFE colleges.

Program design is being informed through extensive consultation in Perth and across regional WA with industry and employers, schools, students, vocational training providers, and community groups. Central to the program design will be recognition of the different circumstances, needs and aspirations of students, and acknowledgement that there is more than one path to success.

Program delivery

The CTP will be available for delivery from Term 1 of 2022 and will run over four years, through to 2025.

Program delivery will support and complement current community and regional programs and opportunities, as well as offer activities and experiences that will add value through extending students' thinking and exposing them to jobs and career pathways outside of their family experience, community and region.

How will the CTP work?

The CTP provides schools with flexibility to build a program according to student interests, the availability and accessibility of taster experiences, and school capacity. The key outcome for students is to explore careers and pathways through engaging activities that expose them to the world of work and training.

Programs can be big or small, and may be delivered as a standalone course across the year, over a few lessons or days. Programs can also be incorporated into one or more learning area(s), with a focus on exploring career opportunities and pathways involving science, health, maths, languages, etc.

The flexibility of the CTP will enable schools to adapt or develop a number of delivery models, to maximise the relevance and outcomes for different student groups.

The State Government is working with TAFE colleges and other stakeholders to ensure there are a range of activities and career experiences available to schools across WA. free of charge.

TAFEs, government and non-government school sectors are being supported to provide additional coordination and assistance to schools to make programs accessible.

Jobs and Skills WA: Year 9 Career Taster Program

Supporting resources (coming soon!)

The following resources have been developed to assist schools and trainers to deliver the CTP. 

  • CTP planning guide
  • CTP pilot planning matrix
  • Program delivery models
  • Taster activity placemat
  • Margaret River SHS – examples of industry engagement

More resources for schools and industry will become available as the CTP evolves, including a database which will detail a range of industry and training-based events and activities for schools to consider for their program. Industry, TAFE colleges and other training providers will be able to add the types of activities and experiences they can provide, and schools will be able search and view these through an online CTP Experiences showcase, and contact the provider to discuss the opportunity further.

Schools and training providers — Be part of the program!

Jobs and Skills WA: Year 9 Career Taster Program
Jobs and Skills WA: Year 9 Career Taster Program

Through facilitating exposure to the world of work and training in an experiential and engaging way, the Career Taster Program (CTP) will be able to assist students to ­ make more informed decisions on their subject selections for Years 10, 11 and 12 — and their post-school options. 

The program also aims to help students start to develop career exploration skills, and stay more motivated and engaged with their schooling.

Recognition of the different circumstances and needs of schools and their students is a key consideration in the design of the CTP; to ensure that the program incorporates, respects and supports community and cultural needs. With the CTP, schools will have flexibility to design and deliver exploration and exposure activities tailored to their students. 

Don’t miss this opportunity for your students and school community! Send us an email with your details, and we will be in touch with information to support you to plan your Career Taster Program.

Industry and employers — Be part of the program!

The Career Taster Program (CTP) offers employers, businesses and training providers a fantastic opportunity to showcase their industry, and engage young people by highlighting the current and future job and career pathways it offers.  

Your involvement in the program can include, but isn't limited to:

  • helping to promote the program to your networks and peers;
  • providing experiences through workplace visits, excursions, guest speaking etc;
  • helping to develop career pathway resources for your industry; and
  • mentoring and coaching students.

Don't miss this opportunity to get involved in this exciting program and showcase your industry!

Send us an email with your details, and how you might like to be involved, and we will be in touch. 

Jobs and Skills WA: Year 9 Career Taster Program
Jobs and Skills WA: Year 9 Career Taster Program
Jobs and Skills WA: Year 9 Career Taster Program
Jobs and Skills WA: Year 9 Career Taster Program
Jobs and Skills WA: Year 9 Career Taster Program

Enquiries and assistance

For further information about the CTP, or to provide input into the program development, please contact the CTP project manager at the Department of Training and Workforce Development.

T: 08 6551 5514