Broome Jobs and Skills Centre

The Broome Jobs and Skills Centre is located on the North Regional TAFE campus in Broome, where our team have extensive knowledge of the local communities, industries and stakeholders throughout the region. 

Outreach services are delivered to West Kimberley locations, supported by Busy at Work. 

Visiting the Jobs and Skills Centre is made easy thanks to our convenient location offering parking space and close to public transport.

The Jobs and Skills Centre is a one-stop shop where our team is ready to support jobseekers, employers and industry. 

We can provide:

  • help with resumés, job applications, training and career advice, and connecting jobseekers to employers; and
  • support to businesses by advertising free of charge vacancies, promoting career events, access to trainee and apprenticeship information and advice on workforce development.

We are dedicated to the development of meaningful relationships with Indigenous communities through regular outreach services to Derby and Fitzroy Crossing.

Our services

Aboriginal services

Welcome to Aboriginal Services at Broome Jobs and Skills Centre.

When you arrive you will see an acknowledgment recognising and paying respects to our traditional custodians, the Yawuru people. 

As you move around the campus grounds you will come across a tranquil meeting place inspired by water holes, a series of bush food trails and a reconstructed Kimberley rainforest. 

We look forward to you exploring our grounds.

We assist Aboriginal people in Western Australia to get into training or a job, working closely with local employers to create job opportunities for Aboriginal people including school leavers. We can provide:

  • culturally sensitive employment and career services;
  • information on choosing the best training option for your personal and work goals;
  • access to job opportunities through our Aboriginal jobs board;
  • help with resumés and job applications; and
  • referrals to other services, depending on your needs.

We can also assist employers and businesses to create a more culturally aware workplace that can attract and retain Aboriginal employees.

For more information about these services, please take a look at the Aboriginal services section of this website

Our free jobs boards

We work closely with employers, business owners and industry to identify and create employment opportunities.
View our jobs board
We also have a free jobs board with deadly jobs for Aboriginal people.
View our Aboriginal services jobs board
For all the latest news and information about deadly job opportunities, follow our Deadly Jobs page on Facebook.
Deadly Jobs Facebook page!

If you would like assistance with applying for an opportunity, please call us on 13 64 64 or 08 9168 9499 or email

Careers, training and jobs

Our team is committed to providing individual support and guidance to provide:

  • career guidance to identify interests, unique strengths and employability skills;
  • career planning; 
  • information on training and employment pathways;
  • details on available training courses; 
  • traineeship and apprenticeship information; and
  • job search assistance using our free jobs board and regional networks.
Employers and business

We are committed to providing expert advice and guidance to employers and businesses through the following:

  • Advertising vacancies free of charge on our jobs board and Aboriginal Services jobs board platforms;
  • Assisting with diverse recruitment needs, including traineeships and apprenticeships;
  • Providing advice on workforce development including offering disability support services;
  • Providing information on tailored solutions to meet industry specific training needs; and
  • Providing Aboriginal recruitment/retention strategies and advice.
Specialist services

The Kimberley is a unique and sometimes challenging region however, our team understands these complexities and is committed to supporting their clients to overcome these challenges. 

Having developed an extensive network, we are able to support clients with transition to work, increase employability and achieve job placements. We can also support employers and businesses through the provision of information, connection to community stakeholders and provision of advice to integrate diversity into the workforce.  

If you would like assistance with applying for an opportunity, please call us on 13 64 64 or email 

Regional services

Living in an expansive region, our team is aware of the logistical and unique challenges that jobseekers, students, employers and businesses are faced with. To better support the community and local stakeholders, we utilise our extensive network to meet client needs, promote events, connect and support community. 

We endeavour to regularly meet with employers and industry stakeholders from the West Kimberley, including:

  • Derby and
  • Fitzroy Crossing.


Contact Broome Jobs and Skills Centre on 08 9168 9499 or for more information or to register your spot at these events.

April events

Visit us

Broome Jobs and Skills Centre is just south of room 16, near the south and east car parks.
Broome TAFE campus, 68 Cable Beach Rd East, Broome
13 64 64 (within WA) or 08 9168 9499

Contact us

Our facilities

Computers and internet

We have internet-connected computers available, so that you can browse online for jobs, look up information about training courses, write up a job application or update your CV/resumé.

People on computers
Public transport

The Broome Explorer (BE) bus runs regularly up and down Cable Beach Road. Stop 15/30 is right outside the TAFE, just a few steps away from the Jobs and Skills Centre. 

Please check the BEBus website for information on bus times and fares

People on a bus

Free parking is available on the Broome  TAFE campus and there are designated ACROD parking bays available for people with disability.

Please refer to the campus map provided on this page, to see where the parking areas are. 

Food and drink

There is a canteen on the Broome TAFE campus. 

Bicycle racks

Bicycle racks are available in the parking area at the front of the JSC.

Please bring your own security device such as a locking chain.