Information, Technology, Library and Digital

Every industry utilises digital media and information technology – from computers to medical equipment, research and global communication the career opportunities are endless. The qualifications and courses in this area will prepare you for work in roles such as network administration and management, website design and development, hardware management and maintenance, mobile apps and virtual reality design and development, game design, 3D animation and software programming.

Perhaps you would like a career in film or television production – a screen and media qualification will give you skills such as storyboarding, video and audio editing, animation design and creation and interactive digital media design and development. Or perhaps radio is more your thing, with a course covering areas such as announcing and sound production.

For those with a passion for information of all kinds, a career in library services combines both traditional and digital media in a service oriented environment.

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The vocational education and training (VET) courses delivered in Western Australia on this course list are funded through the Department of Training and Workforce Development; these are referred to as publicly funded training.  A range of qualifications and courses for priority industry areas and occupations are subsidised under Jobs and Skills WA, to reduce the cost of training in priority skill areas. To find out more about which courses are subsidised, please take a look at the information available on the main Training page.

Other non-publicly funded courses are available through TAFE colleges and private providers; however these are not included in this course list. To find these other courses, you can search a list of all VET courses in WA via the website.

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    Advanced Diploma of Cyber Security

    National ID : 22610VIC | State ID : BGT52

    Take your cyber security career to the next level — FEE FREE!

    The Advanced Diploma of Cyber Security is perfect for people who already have some experience in the world of information technology or cyber security. You can build on your existing skills and knowledge, and gain advanced skills fighting those cyber criminals!

    Advanced Diploma of Information Technology

    National ID : ICT60220 | State ID : BGJ5

    Level up your career in the world of technology!

    If you're seeking a leadership role in information technology, or need some high level skills and knowledge for a specialist project or career move, the Advanced Diploma of Information Technology is for you!

    Advanced Diploma of Information Technology (Cyber Security)

    National ID : ICT60220 | State ID : AE08

    Skill up for an exciting career in cyber security!

    This course is perfect for anyone with IT skills and experience who's ready to step up and supercharge their career as a  Cyber Security Manager or specialised cyber security consultant.

    Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media (Animation and Visual Effects)

    National ID : CUA60620 | State ID : AC88

    Take your digital design career to the top!

    Are you ready to take advantage of the huge opportunities for content creators and digital designers? With this course, you could be working in user experience design, art direction, animation, film, television, online entertainment or gaming; and the emerging fields of virtual and augmented reality as a creative and capable digital professional.

    Artificial Intelligence Skill Set

    National ID : ICTSS00120 | State ID : AE698

    Build your skills to get into AI!

    The world of artificial intelligence (AI) offers many exciting job and career opportunities. This short course skill set is a perfect introduction to working in AI, whether you're new to the field or looking to build some specialist skills.

    Certificate II in Applied Digital Technologies

    National ID : ICT20120 | State ID : BGJ3

    Get those fingers moving, it's time to launch your career in digital!

    If you would like to boost your skills and knowledge to get into the information technology industry, the Certificate II in Applied Digital Technologies is the course for you!

    Certificate II in Computer Assembly and Repair

    National ID : UEE20520 | State ID : BFP7

    Want to boot up your career working with computers?

    If you're keen to work in the area of computer assembly and repair, but need some starter skills to boost your job prospects, the Certificate II in Computer Assembly and Repair is the perfect choice!

    Certificate III in Information Technology

    National ID : ICT30120 | State ID : BFF7

    Your first step towards an exciting career in IT!

    Information technology (IT) is an exciting industry to be in, with a great range of occupations and specialisations, and fantastic career opportunities. You'll need skills and knowledge to get your career started, and the Certificate III in Information Technology is the perfect choice!

    Certificate III in Information Technology [Cyber Security]

    National ID : ICT30120 | State ID : AC12

    Here's where all the jobs are!

    With this qualification, you'll have all the skills needed to join an IT cyber security team and get your career started!

    Certificate III in Information Technology [Network Administration]

    National ID : ICT30120 | State ID : AC11

    Program yourself a great career!

    This qualification is perfect for anyone wanting to get into IT network administration.

    Displaying 1 - 10 of 35 courses