Career planning

Career? I don't have one! Everyone has a career, but "career" is no longer a term used to refer to specialists or someone climbing the corporate ladder. Changes in the way we work have brought about changes in the way work and life fit together, and the term “career” has broadened to reflect these changes.

Your career now includes all of your life, work, learning and leisure activities. If you are still at school, playing in your local basketball team and working casually at the local supermarket you already have a career. You build your career and develop skills as you accumulate life, work and learning experiences.

In this section of the website, you'll find some useful information and resources that can help you focus on your own career planning and what steps to take towards your goals. 

Career planning.

Assess and explore

  • Getting started — Assess where you are currently at with your skills, interests and values and clarify what you want to achieve. 
  • Finding out — Explore what's out there and what options you have.
  • Occupation search — Look through over 550 occupation profiles to find out more about what jobs and careers are out there. 

Make your move

  • Taking action — Use an action plan  to clarify your goals and plan the steps to help you achieve your work and learning objectives. 
  • Skilling up — You might need to improve your current skills or learn some new ones, to get started on that career pathway.

Careers: Exploring and planning

There's a lot of websites that offer tools, information and resources to help you with career planning. On websites like myfuture, which is now free for everyone in Western Australia, you can explore how your values, interests and skills match up with career pathways and options for training to help you reach your goals and check out case studies and videos of different occupations and industries. 

But sometimes all that information can be confusing, or you need some help to put it all together, and that's where we can help!

The career experts at your local Jobs and Skills Centre can take a look at what you've put together so far, or the information you've found online, and you can tell them about the kind of career plan you would like to make. They can then work with you to make your career plan exactly what you need, so that you can get out there and make it happen!

There's 15 JSCs across Western Australia, so call your local centre on 13 64 64 and find out how they can help you. 

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How we can help

Your local Jobs and Skills Centre can assist with your career plan — whether you just need someone to help you figure out your options, or you want some advice about training or applying for jobs, they can help.