Engineering and Mining

Engineering involves combining science, mathematics and technology to design and develop things such as engines, machinery and structures. Western Australia’s engineering industry is very closely linked to the mining, oil and gas industry, the resources industry and the construction industry. These areas offer a wide range of career opportunities including welders, fitters, machinists, boilermakers, sheetmetal workers, process plant operators and refrigeration and air conditioning mechanics.

The specialist area of surveying offers opportunities to get involved in engineering from the planning stage, whether it is for new land development or a complex spatial information survey this can be very interesting work.

The mining industry continues to provide excellent opportunities in Western Australia, and the qualifications available in this area go from entry level to help get you into a job, through to higher level and more specialised qualifications for those who want to progress to a mine supervisor or a management role in the industry.

The resources and oil and gas industry has a wide range of areas to focus skills and qualifications, from process plant operations at entry level, up to engineering at diploma level. There are vast opportunities for career growth and diversity across Western Australia in this industry area.

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The vocational education and training (VET) courses delivered in Western Australia on this course list are funded through the Department of Training and Workforce Development; these are referred to as publicly funded training.  A range of qualifications and courses for priority industry areas and occupations are subsidised under Jobs and Skills WA, to reduce the cost of training in priority skill areas. To find out more about which courses are subsidised, please take a look at the information available on the main Training page.

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    Advanced Diploma of Civil and Structural Engineering

    National ID : 52873WA | State ID : BGQ97

    Join the next generation of civil and structural engineering experts!

    This comprehensive qualification in civil and structural engineering will provide you with the skills and knowledge to work on projects ranging from skyscrapers to intricate road designs; and expand your study of the design and construction of civil works such as dams, structures and pipe networks. It covers a range of engineering specialities including road, rail, and drainage systems, dams, harbours, bridges and buildings to extend your knowledge so that you can plan, design, develop and manage construction and repair projects relating to these disciplines.

    Advanced Diploma of Civil Construction Design

    National ID : RII60520 | State ID : BGK5

    Ready to construct exciting new futures?

    All of the world's most exciting infrastructure facilities such as roads, railways, buildings, train stations, airports, bridges and tunnels all started with a design! And with this qualification, you could be the designer behind our future new facilities!

    Advanced Diploma of Engineering (Mechanical)

    National ID : MEM60122 | State ID : AE00

    Engineer an amazing career!

    The Advanced Diploma of Engineering (Mechanical) covers high level technical and practical skills and knowledge in electrical machinery, mechanical principles and mechanical equipment. You'll learn a range of computer aided drafting (CAD) skills, how to produce drawings for design specifications and how to interpret and create drawings components for the manufacture of equipment.

    Advanced Diploma of Engineering Technology - Electrical

    National ID : UEE62122 | State ID : BHZ3

    Charge up your career in electrical engineering — FEE FREE!

    This qualification gives you the skills for the implementation of smart homes (Internet of Things), automated industrial production line mechatronics, administering or upgrading infrastructure for small to large scale businesses among many other innovative applications.

    Advanced Diploma of Process Plant Technology

    National ID : PMA60116 | State ID : BAM9

    An exciting career is waiting for you!

    If you're ready to take your skills and experience to the next level and advance your career, the Advanced Diploma of Process Plant Technology is the course for you!

    Advanced Diploma of Surveying

    National ID : CPP60121 | State ID : BGJ0

    Take your career in surveying to the next strata — FEE FREE!

    The Advanced Diploma of Surveying is designed for people who have professional experience in the surveying industry, and want to specialise in a particular field or progress their career into more senior roles.

    Certificate I in Engineering

    National ID : MEM10119 | State ID : BEK6

    Get started on your engineering career!

    If you're interested in a career in engineering, the Certificate I in Engineering is for you! With this course, you'll have an opportunity to learn in a simulated work environment and be exposed to an industrial setting through work experience.

    Certificate I in Resources and Infrastructure Operations

    National ID : RII10115 | State ID : AZC0

    Kickstart your career in the exciting resources industry!

    If you fancy a future in Australia's exciting resources industry, the Certificate I in Resources and Infrastructure Operations is the perfect course to get you job ready!

    Certificate II in Autonomous Workplace Operations

    National ID : 52845WA | State ID : BGO44

    Make friends with robots and start an awesome career — FEE FREE!

    Automation is just one of the Industry 4.0 trends being used to improve the efficiency of organisations and utilising new and emerging technologies to automate processes in industries such as manufacturing and mining. With this course, you can be ahead of the curve and start your path to a job of the future!

    Certificate II in Autonomous Workplace Operations

    National ID : RII21222 | State ID : BIA8

    This qualification reflects the roles of individuals, including autonomous haulage operators and mobile and fixed plant operators, working in autonomous workplace operations.

    Displaying 1 - 10 of 93 courses