Jobs and Skills Aboriginal services offer a range of events, from jobseeker workshops and presentations,  employer information forums and professional learning  free of charge throughout the year at the Perth and regional Jobs and Skills Centres. We can also visit your school or workplace to run information sessions or professional learning workshops.

Jobs and Skills WA sponsors and facilitates the very successful Deadly Jobs Expo each year as part of NAIDOC week; bringing industry, employers and jobseekers together to highlight employment opportunities for Aboriginal people in Western Australia. 

The Jobs and Skills Centres also participate in career and training events such as the Skills West Expo and the Careers Expo, and each centre is involved with events such as jobs fairs and school career days in their local community. 

Aboriginal services events.
Aboriginal services events.
Aboriginal services events.
Aboriginal services events.
Aboriginal services events.

Industry spotlights

A jobseeker at an industry spotlight event.

Industry spotlights are informal sessions where an employer showcases their business and the type of employment opportunities that are available.

For jobseekers, the industry spotlight events are a fantastic opportunity to find out about the business and its employment opportunities, and ask questions to see if they would like to work in this field. 

For employers the industry spotlight events provide an opportunity to promote the business and reach an audience of Aboriginal jobseekers who are 'job ready' and interested in their industry area.

If you would like to host an industry spotlight to attract job ready Aboriginal people, please contact your local Jobs and Skills Centre. 

Employer and service provider information forums

In these forums, we provide information to employers and service providers about Aboriginal recruitment and retention strategies and how we can help advertise their positions to Aboriginal jobseekers.

We also invite guest speakers and offer a range of other topics providing information around services that may assist Aboriginal people to overcome barriers to employment and to enter or re-enter the workforce.

These forums are a fantastic starting point for any business looking to start, increase or retain their Aboriginal workforce, or for anyone wanting more information about available support services.

Jobseeker workshops

Jobs and Skills Centres offer a suite of workshops for Aboriginal jobseekers. These workshops are all free, and are held regularly.  An outline of the workshops is provided below, but please check our news page for full details of where and when the workshops are held. 

A person searching online for a job.

Resume workshop - Create a winning application!

Need help to get a good resume together? Or does your current resume need updating? 

This free workshop will guide you to achieve a winning structure for your resume. When applying for work, an employer’s first impression of you may be based on what they see on your resume – it's the most important tool in your job search. 

In this workshop, you will learn how to:

  • create a great first impression through your resume;
  • adapt your resume to match the advertised position;
  • choose a structure that suits your resume;
  • summarise your skills, abilities, accomplishments and education;
  • summarise your work experience paid, unpaid and volunteer work; and
  • highlight aspects of your personal life including sports and personal interests.

    A well written resume will make sure you stand out from other applicants, and convince an employer to invite you for an interview. Don't miss this opportunity to make your resume a winner!


    Winning interviews – Get that job!

     Need some confidence for job interviews? Want some tips for being successful?

    Finding a job can be challenging, and interviews can be stressful. This free workshop will show you how to prepare for an interview, and teach you some interview techniques to help make you feel more confident and be more successful. 

      In this workshop, you will learn how to:

      • create a job portfolio;
      • research the organisation and the job;
      • make a good first impression;
      • understand the importance of body language;
      • prepare responses to the questions you'll be asked;
      • plan what to wear and how to present yourself; and
      • ask the right questions, and follow-up after the interview.


      This workshop will assist you to maximise your potential employment opportunities and win that dream job!


      Selection criteria workshop

      Need some tips on how to respond to selection criteria in a job advertisement?

      A major stumbling block for jobseekers can be writing a job application where you have to respond to selection criteria. You may have the qualifications, experience and skills for the role but if you don’t address the selection criteria adequately, you might not get an interview. 

      In this workshop, you will learn how to:

      • understand the types of selection criteria;
      • apply the SAO (Situation, Action, Outcome) method of writing an application;
      • brainstorm your skills and experiences to make them relevant to the selection criteria; and
      • respond to the selection criteria in a simple, concise manner.

        This free two-hour workshop could greatly increase your chances to get through to the interview stage of a recruitment process. 

        Career planning.

        Career development workshops

        Need a plan to get moving on your career journey?

        This free two-hour workshop is for people who want some guidance to help progress their career.

        It focuses on a step-by-step process of career planning that will help you to set career goals, and achieve them. 

        Career developmnent guidance is also available at all Jobs and Skills Centres. 

        How we can help

        To find out more about the workshops, presentations and events that the Jobs and Skills Centres are involved with as part of their specialist Aboriginal services, please contact your nearest centre directly. 


        Got an event such as a jobs fair, industry showcase or professional learning that you'd like Jobs and Skills WA to be involved with?

        Please contact us via email to with the relevant information, and we will respond as soon as possible.