Skilling Solutions for business and employers

The  WA Recovery Plan is a unique stimulus opportunity for WA businesses that will create thousands of local and regional jobs in a range of industry sectors including construction, manufacturing, tourism and hospitality, renewable energy, education and training, agriculture, mining and conservation.

To help you take advantage of this opportunity, Jobs and Skills WA has a range of skilling solutions including training programs and financial incentives to position your business for success and give you a competitive edge when bidding for WA Government tenders.

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Skilling solutions for employers and business.

Skilling Solutions: Building your workforce

WA businesses are in a unique position to take advantage of new opportunities through the State Government's investment in projects and programs. And you'll need to be able to access skilled workers — not only to get the job done, but also to give you a competitive edge when bidding for major WA Government Tenders by demonstrating a commitment to take on new employees — in particular; apprentices and trainees —  and position your business for success.

Job Ready programs — Your pipeline of skilled workers

Our new Job Ready programs are taking a unique approach to developing skilled workers. By combining targeted short course (skill set) training with a work placement component of up to one week, participants are ‘job ready’ to enter the workforce and transition into an apprenticeship or traineeship.

To ensure that participants are suited to the industry area, they are screened using an industry-developed tool before commencing the program,

How you can benefit

Be a work placement host employer
As an industry employer you have an opportunity to host the work placement component of the Job Ready programs, giving you insight into a participant's skills and suitability for future employment. This is also a great way of contributing to the skills development of program participants. 

Hire job ready program participants
We encourage employers who have employment opportunities to hire Job Ready participants who have successfully completed the program. You can be confident that your new employee will be job ready, and have skills and knowledge to enter your workforce. You may also be eligible to access financial incentives and support.

If you have employment opportunities for participants completing these programs, or would like to host a work placement, please contact our State Recovery Coordination Unit on 08 6551 5049 or vial email to

Upskill your team
If you would like to upskill your team members for a particular project or job, these programs are a great solution! You might also be interested in the short course skill sets available under the Skills Ready program

Bricklaying Job Ready program

The Bricklaying Job Ready program was developed in consultation with the Construction Training Fund and key industry partners, to create a pipeline of qualified bricklayers to meet the needs of WA’s building industry. It was introduced in November 2020, to pilot a new training pathway to 50 bricklaying apprenticeships.

Job Ready Bricklahing program.

As a pathways to employment program, Bricklaying Job Ready focuses on the key skills and knowledge needed for day one on the worksite. Program participants complete the Work Safety in Construction job ready skill set — covering work safety practices, how to use a range of construction equipment and tools including levelling devices, and skills to work in a construction team — through a mix of on-campus training and work placement with industry employers. Participants may be offered an apprenticeship or traineeship on successful completion of the program. The next intake of participants is anticipated to commence late January 2021.

Need skilled workers for your project?
If you're looking for new team members you can access participants who successfully complete the program, and be confident that your new employee will have job ready skills and knowledge.

Anyone interested in undertaking the program can register via our Bricklaying Job Ready Program - Expression of interest online form.

For further information about this program, please contact us on 6551 5049 or email

Infrastructure Job Ready program

The Infrastructure Ready pilot program was developed in consultation with Government and industry partners, and commenced as a pilot program in October 2020. 

Infrastructure Job Ready Program.

Participants will complete the Infrastructure Job Ready short course skill set training course, learning about working safely on  civil construction sites (including their White Card training), carrying out measurements and calculations, and how to prepare and organise construction work, and gain the skills to operate small plant and equipment used in civil construction projects. They will also get an inside look at some of WA’s key civil construction projects.  

Need skilled workers for your project?
If you're looking for new team members you can access participants who successfully complete the program, and be confident that your new employee will have job ready skills and knowledge.

If you would like to host a program participant for their work placement, please complete our online form

Any existing or potential employees interested in participating should complete the Infrastructure Job Ready Program expression of interest form.

To find out more about this program, please contact us on 6551 5049 or email


Hire a new apprentice or trainee

Employing an apprentice or trainee can help you to develop the skills of your workforce and could be the smartest decision you make. There are a range of incentives available to assist with the costs of taking on a new employee. 

When you hire an apprentice or trainee, you're gaining a new team member who will have a long term commitment to your business and become highly skilled through a structured program of on the job training and formal training at a TAFE or training provider. Apprenticeships generally include traditional trades such as building and construction; traineeships are usually in non-trade areas such as hospitality, business and health. Both are available to people of all ages, and most can be undertaken on a full time or part time basis — some can even be started during Years 11 and 12 at school. 

The best part is; hiring an apprentice or trainee is hassle-free! The following steps outline the process.

Step 1: Find a suitable candidate

You can choose to do this yourself, through your regular recruitment process, or contact an AASN. There are a number of Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) providers in WA funded by the Australian Government to provide advice and assistance to help you find an apprentice or trainee.

AASN providers also provide pre-commencement services including screening, testing and job-matching to get the right apprentice in the right apprenticeship with the right employer. AASN providers also engage with the Department of Training and Workforce Development Apprenticeship Office to help manage the training contract, training plan approvals and completion arrangements. In addition they can offer, as required, in-training support services such as mentoring, which will help apprentices and employers at risk of not completing the apprenticeship arrangement to work through issues and difficulties. For more information and advice contact an AASN provider.

Apprenticeship Support Australia
P: 1300 363 831

Busy at Work
P: 13 28 79

MEGT Apprenticeship Network Provider
P: 136 348

Step 2: The training contract

Once you have your new apprentice or trainee, an AASN provider will work with you to find a TAFE college or registered training organisation (RTO) who will provide the off the job training, and organise for a training contract to be initiated.

The training contract is a legally binding agreement which sets out your obligations as an employer, and for your new apprentice or trainee. The AASN provider will lodge the training contract with the Department of Training and Workforce Development Apprenticeship Office for registration, and you will receive notification once the contract has been registered. A training plan will also be developed by your TAFE or RTO, to set up arrangements for the off the job training.

Apprenticeship Office will administer the training contract for the duration of the apprenticeship or traineeship; this includes recording or approving variations to the contract, and assisting in resolving any disputes that may arise.


Out of contract register for employers

Find a skilled apprentice or trainee!

Many WA apprentices and trainees with skills and experience have become displaced due to the impact of COVID-19. To assist them to find employment, we have established an Out of Contract Register. 

As an employer, you can access the register to look through a list of over 400 apprentices and trainees — in over 100 different industry areas — many of whom have progressed well into their training and have the skills and knowledge you need for your team.

Best of all, you could be eligible for the Reengagement Incentive of $6,000 if you hire an apprentice from the register, or $3,000 if you employ a trainee! 

Financial incentives and support for employers of apprentices and trainees

Apprenticeships and traineeships are playing a vital role in WA's recovery, with skilled workers across a range of trades and occupations already in high demand. Hiring an apprentice or trainee is a commitment to developing our much-needed pipeline of skilled workers to meet demand — now and into the future.

We understand that hiring and training an apprentice or trainee, or any new employee has some associated costs. To assist you with these costs, and provide a boost for your business, there's a range of financial incentives available to employers. The State and Commonwealth governments have also made a range of financial support measures available to businesses. 

Apprenticeship Office Helpline

Apprenticeship Office Helpline 13 19 54.

Need support, information or assistance with apprenticeships or traineeships, or accessing financial incentives and support? Call the Apprenticeship Office Helpline on 13 19 54.

For callers outside of WA, please phone us on 08 6551 5499.

You can also contact Apprenticeship Office by email via, or use our online enquiry form and they will contact you. 

Pre-apprenticeships and pre-traineeships

A pre-apprenticeship or pre-traineeship is a nationally accredited Certificate II level qualification that includes a mandatory work placement coordinated by the TAFE college or registered training organisation (RTO). The goal of this training is to provide participants with industry specific training, combined with hands-on experience in a real workplace, to gain skills and knowledge to prepare them for an apprenticeship or traineeship. There are many of these courses available at TAFE colleges and other registered training organisations across Western Australia.

Hiring a person who has completed a pre-apprenticeship or pre-traineeship offers great benefits for your business. Not only will your new team member already have skills and knowledge, but their completed training can be recognised as credit towards a full apprenticeship or traineeship; so you will have a fully qualified employee in less time (and with less cost!). You may also be eligible for financial incentives and support. 

Group training organisations

Perhaps your business would benefit from having an apprentice or trainee, but you may not have capacity to employ one because you are unable to offer a permanent position or guarantee ongoing work for the duration of the apprenticeship or traineeship. Or maybe your business can't provide the range of work required to cover all the necessary job skills for their qualification, or manage the administrative and human resources work related to an extra employee.

Group training is a training and employment arrangement where an organisation, known as a group training organisation (GTO), employs apprentices and trainees under a training contract and hires them to your businesses, giving you the all the benefits of having an apprentice or trainee without being the actual employer. The GTO retains all employer responsibilities and supports the apprentice or trainee to achieve the successful completion of the training contract. 

Benefits for your business

Skilling solutions: Group training organisations

Through a GTO, you can access apprentices and trainees that meet your needs, in a range of skills areas, for agreed periods of time. GTOs screen all apprentices and trainees, to ensure that they are suitable for your business.

Your GTO will manage all aspects of the recruitment process, and cover all of the apprentice or trainee entitlements including salary, leave, superannuation and workers' compensation. They also provide personalised protective equipment (PPE), and provide induction training, and all administration and paperwork related to the training contract is also handled by the GTO.

To find out more about what a GTO can offer your business,  view the list of GTOs in WA and contact those that match with your business and skills needs.

Skills Ready

Need to upskill your workforce for new jobs or projects? There's never been a better time to get into training!

Skills Ready
Skills Ready
Skills Ready
Skills Ready
Skills Ready
Skills Ready: Free short courses and skill sets!

We have worked closely with WA industries, businesses and employers to find out the types of skills needed right now and for future jobs, then developed free short courses and skill sets using units from nationally recognised vocational qualifications.  There's a range of infection control skill sets that are free for everyone, and a suite of job ready skill sets in a range of industry areas — some free for everyone, and others free for eligible students including people aged 15—24. 

Lower fees, local skills — Course fees slashed!

We have slashed the course fees on over 180 qualifications by half — some by as much as 72 per cent — through the Lower fees, local skills program! From entry level pre-apprenticeships and pre-traineeships, through to Certificates II, III, IV and even Diploma level qualifications — including apprenticeships and traineeships — there's sure to be something that aligns with your business. 

Skilling solutions: Support

To support you  with the costs associated with employing and training  workers to grow your business, a range of financial incentives and support measures are available through the State and Commonwealth governments. 

Jobs and Skills WA Employer Incentive

If you hire a new apprentice or trainee, you could be eligible for the Jobs and Skills WA Employer Incentive of up to $8,500! You may also be eligible to receive additional loading payments of up to an additional 50 per cent for target groups including people aged 21—30 years of age, Aboriginal people, and apprentices and trainees in regional areas of WA.

This incentive is available in addition to other financial incentives and support, including the Apprentice and trainee reengagement incentive of up to $6,000. 

Apprentice and Trainee Reengagement Incentive

When you hire an apprentice or trainee from the Out of contract register, you could be eligible for the Apprentice and trainee reengagement incentive of $3,000 for a trainee, or $6,000 for an apprentice!

But even better...

  • the Jobs and Skills WA Employer Incentive of up to $8,500 still applies;
  • WA State Government COVID-19 financial support measures for businesses still apply;
  • the Construction Training Fund (CTF) financial support for the building and construction industry still applies;
  • the Commonwealth wage subsidy for apprentices still applies; and
  • other financial support and incentives still apply.

Defence Industry Incentive for employers

The Defence Industry Incentive was announced on 22 September 2020, to provide financial assistance to WA businesses employing apprentices in key trades within the defence industry. 

Employers (including group training organisations) may be eligible for up to $20,000 per eligible apprentice. This is in addition to the Jobs and Skills WA Employer Incentive of up to $8,500 available to eligible employers, and other incentives or financial support that may apply.

The program is also available to local government and government trading enterprises (GTEs) (see approved list of eligible local government agencies and Government Trading Enterprises or not for profit organisations who are involved in the defence industry.

Other financial incentives and support to employ and train

In addition to financial incentives and support for employers who hire apprentices and trainees, there's a large number of other measures for which you may be eligible.  These include incentives and support for employing and/or training people with disability, mature age people,  Aboriginal and Indigenous people, and youth.

State and Commonwealth Government COVID-19 financial support

The WA State Government, and Commonwealth Government, have established a number of financial stimulus package measures to assist WA businesses in managing the impact of COVID-19. 

Need advice or assistance?

State Recovery Coordination Unit

The Department of Training and Workforce Development has established a dedicated unit to support industry, employers and business. If you have any queries about the skilling solutions outlined on this page, please contact us.

P: 08 6551 5049

Apprenticeship Office Helpline

Apprenticeship Office Helpline 13 19 54.

Would you like some support, information or assistance with apprenticeships or traineeships, or accessing financial incentives? Call the Apprenticeship Office Helpline on 13 19 54.

For callers outside of WA, please phone us on 08 6551 5499.

You can also contact Apprenticeship Office by email via, or use our online enquiry form and they will contact you. 

Our free jobs boards for employers

Did you know we have online jobs boards where you can post your employment opportunities? 

Free jobsboard.

The Jobs and Skills WA jobs board is supported by our network of 15 Jobs and Skills Centres (JSCs) across WA who work directly with jobseekers and employers. Your local JSC will work with you to put your vacancy together, then post it on our jobs board  Once posted to the jobs board, we can also promote your employment opportunity through our social media channels and to all WA JSCs. These services are all free!

If you have an employment opportunity for an Aboriginal person, we have a dedicated Aboriginal services jobs board. Your local JSC can assist in posting your vacancy, and this is also a free service.


Workforce planning information and resources

You work hard to meet your business goals, and investing time into planning and developing your workforce can be a challenge. Having the right information, tools and resources to support the process is the first step to success. We have a range of useful information, templates, links and resources to assist you to better plan, attract, develop and retain a skilled workforce that can help you reach those business goals now and into the future. 

Jobs and Skills Centres

Jobs and Skills Centres, located across Perth and regional Western Australia, work closely with employers and businesses to provide free information and support about training and workforce development. JSCs are connected with local jobseekers, and can assist you to find an apprentice or trainee as well as help with information about financial support and incentives.  They also offer a free online jobs board, here on the Jobs and Skills WA website, where you can post employment opportunities. All services are free! Contact your local JSC to find out how they can help you.