Workplace of choice

Attracting and retaining good staff are critical factors in the success of any business. An organisation where people choose to work because the environment, conditions and opportunities are better is known as a 'workplace of choice'.

Being a workplace of choice allows your organisation to attract the best candidates and have satisfied, motivated staff who contribute to better business outcomes. It also enhances your reputation in the wider community.

Creating a culturally aware and inclusive workplace will help you be better placed to become a workplace of choice for Aboriginal people. You will also be in a stronger position to respond to the diversity of your customers and the Western Australian communities in which you operate.

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What does a workplace of choice look like?

A workplace of choice will demonstrate initiatives and strategies that promote and encourage the wellbeing, success and productivity of its workforce. These will vary from one workplace to the next, but typically you'll see the things listed here.

  • A diverse workforce with a supportive and inclusive sense of community
  • Flexible work practices with family friendly policies that encourage a good work/life balance
  • Rewards for great work and opportunities for development and advancement
  • Open communication  between staff at all levels
  • Opportunities for staff to contribute to the development of the company
  • Shared values where everyone is treated with respect and fairness

Becoming a workplace of choice

Take a look at these three key steps to becoming a workplace of choice for Aboriginal people.

Preparing your workplace

The first step in becoming a workplace of choice for Aboriginal people is to create an environment and work practices that demonstrate your commitment to welcoming Aboriginal staff. Check out these resources for help in setting up your workplace.

Attracting and recruiting Aboriginal staff

Employers often say they would like to employ Aboriginal staff but aren’t quite sure how to go about it. You may need some assistance in making contact with the Aboriginal community and ensuring your advertising and selection processes are flexible, appropriate and inclusive. These resources provide more information about attracting and recruiting Aboriginal staff.

Retaining and supporting Aboriginal staff

Most Aboriginal employees fit easily into the workplace and establish successful careers. Some, however, need additional support to settle in, succeed in their job and make the most of training and development opportunities. These resources provide great information and suggestions for creating a supportive and culturally secure workplace in which Aboriginal employees will prosper.                    

How we can help

We have a range of facilities and experienced staff at the Jobs and Skills Centres who can help you develop your Aboriginal workforce.

We can help you to attract, recruit and retain Aboriginal employees by:

  • promoting your vacancies to Aboriginal jobseekers;
  • working with you to put together a workforce development plan;
  • offering professional learning workshops for you and your team;
  • providing resources and advice on recruitment and retention strategies; and
  • providing access to mentoring services and cultural awareness training.