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How about a free training course — yes... free! You can also choose from over 200 qualifications with course fees slashed by half or more, or new free skill sets — fast track training to get you job ready. 

Whether you're looking for a job, thinking about a career change, or upskilling for your own development now's the time to get skills ready! 

We’re making training affordable and accessible so you can boost your skills and be job ready.

*Free for eligible students. This program is funded by JobTrainer— a joint initiative of the Western Australian and Commonwealth  Governments. 

The vocational education and training (VET) courses and qualifications on this course list are funded through the Department of Training and Workforce Development; these are referred to as publicly funded training.  Other non-publicly funded courses are available through TAFE colleges and private providers; however these are not included in this course list. To find these other courses, you can search a list of all VET courses in WA via the website.

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Subsidised training
A range of qualifications and courses for priority industry areas and occupations are subsidised under Jobs and Skills WA, to reduce the cost of training in priority skill areas. To find out more about which courses are subsidised please take a look at the information available on the Training page.


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