Employment trends

In recent years Western Australia’s richness in natural resources and proximity to Asian markets has provided economic growth and benefits to both industry and community; however the ever-changing demographic, economic and social climate means that we must continue to adapt and grow into the future.

WA's employment growth by industry is expected to be broadly based over the next few years. The top three employing industries currently are Health Care and Social Assistance, Construction and Retail Trade. Other areas of employment growth are expected to be in Professional, Scientific and Technical Services, and Education and Training.

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Western Australia's job prospects

Information about Western Australia’s skills supply and demand are gathered from a wide range of sources including peak industry bodies, businesses, government organisations and many other stakeholders. In addition, nine industry training councils (ITCs) provide high level, strategic information and advice about current and emerging skills supply and demand.

Together, this information and advice informs the State Training Plan which identifies the current and future training and skill development needs of WA’s industries.

The State Training Plan and a full list of WA ITCs is available on the WA State Training Board website.

Also take a look at the State Priority Occupation List (SPOL) available on the Department of Training and Workforce Development website.

You can find information about the WA labour market on the Department of Training and Workforce Development website at dtwd.wa.gov.au/workforce-development.

National job prospects

The following websites provide national job supply and demand information and are managed by the Australian Government.

  • Job Outlook — Includes information on occupations, growing jobs and skills in demand.
  • Australian Bureau of Statistics — Provides information and statistics for labour, employment, health, the economy and industry.

Remember, your local Jobs and Skills Centre can provide advice about employment trends and job opportunities.