Software Engineer

What they do

Software engineers apply engineering design and design management principles to the development of software to meet user needs. This includes the creation, design, production and testing of software.

Software engineers diagnose and correct faults in software applications, and manage teams to meet system requirements, system designs and technical specifications. They also certify, prepare and maintain technical documentation and operational procedures. They may also be responsible for proposals and strategies for software design activities, such as costing recommendations for software purchases and upgrades.

Working conditions

In Western Australia, the majority of software engineers work in offices located in the Perth metropolitan region. They may work in-house looking after the IT system for a sole organisation, work as consultants for a number of clients, or with sufficient experience and resourcing be self-employed in a start-up company.

Work hours can vary depending on employers, and may include evenings and weekends to meet deadlines.

Tools and technologies

Software engineers work almost exclusively on computers, using a variety of different programs. They use a variety of specialised programming languages, such as C++, Java and Linux. They may modify existing software applications and systems, or design and develop new ones.

How do I become one?

Education and training

To become a software engineer, you usually need to study a degree in software engineering or computer science.

Most universities in Western Australia offer relevant courses.

Contact the universities you are interested in for more information.