Developer programmer

What they do

These programmers (also known as applications developers or software developers) create, test and modify computer programs. They often work as part of a team to assess the requirements of computer users, developing ways to meet these requirements and translating these solutions into a set of instructions – programs - that a computer can understand. These programs could be designed to have mass market appeal, such as a computer's operating system or a video game. In other cases, programmers may be contracted to design a new program, or modify an existing one, to meet a client's specific needs. They also prepare user manuals and troubleshooting guides to assist other programmers, support technicians and program users.

Working conditions

Developer programmers work in an office environment. They generally work regular hours, though may be required to work evenings and on weekends to meet deadlines. They are also in  regular contact with other programmers, analysts, designers and clients.

Tools and technologies

Developer programmers work almost exclusively on computers, using a variety of different programs. They use a variety of specialised programming languages, such as C++ and Visual Basic, depending on the type of software they are developing.

How do I become one?

Education and training

To become a developer programmer, you usually need to gain a qualification in programming, software development, computer science or business information technology.

The Certificate IV in Programming and Diploma of Software Development are offered at TAFE Colleges and other registered training organisations throughout Western Australia. Browse courses through Jobs and Skills WA and My Skills to find a registered provider near you.

You can also complete a degree majoring in computer science or business information technology.

Most universities in Western Australia offer relevant courses. Contact the universities you are interested in for more information.