Services for skilled migrants to settle in new WA regional locations

  • Support for skilled migrants in regional WA reaches further through the State Government's $4.25 million Skilled Migrant Job Connect Program
  • Settlement Services expanded to four new regional locations
  • Providers appointed for the Kimberley, Pilbara, Mid West and Great Southern regions
  • Supporting regional industries and employers to build their local workforce

The State Government's $4.25 million Skilled Migrant Job Connect Program is continuing to support newly arrived skilled migrants into Western Australia's workforce and community with specialist Settlement Services extended to regional locations.

Four providers have been appointed to deliver regional Settlement Services for two years:

  • Kimberley region – East Kimberley Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Pilbara region – Regional Development Australia
  • Mid West region – Centacare Family Services
  • Great Southern region – Rainbow Coast Neighbourhood Centre

The new services are in addition to the existing free walk-in Settlement Services available for skilled migrants and their families at the Department of Training and Workforce Development's WA Migration Services Perth-based office.

This expansion of Settlement Services supports newly arrived migrants to overcome barriers to securing employment and to participate in Western Australia's economy and society as soon as possible.

These services complement the growing range of migration initiatives now available through WA Migration Services that focus on attracting, connecting and supporting skilled migrants to settle and work in We​stern Australia, as well as supporting local industry and employers looking to build their workforce through skilled migration.

Launched in July 2023, the Skilled Migrant Job Connect Program includes a subsidy to assist WA-based skilled migrants to access financial support of up to $7,500 to offset the cost associated with undertaking skills assessments, gap training and meet occupational licensing requirements, to gain employment in occupations commensurate with their formal overseas qualifications, skills, and experience.

Skilled migrants arriving anywhere in WA can also get a head start in joining the workforce by connecting with employers through the Skilled Migrant Employment Register.

Launched in December 2023, the revamped Register is a free online job-matching platform connecting employers with jobs to fill to skilled migrants looking for work.

The Register can be accessed through the Migration WA Portal, which has a strengthened authentication and allows users to create a profile that will link them to a menu of migration initiatives according to their specific needs.

For more information about Settlement Services, visit the Migration WA website.

Comments attributed to Training and Workforce Development Minister Simone McGurk:

"The State Government's expansion of services for newly arrived migrants will support WA's regional employers to build their local workforce.

"We know that supporting primary visa holders to find and retain employment, and the social and cultural integration of primary and secondary visa holders, are key for the successful settlement of skilled migrants.

"The Settlement Services in Western Australian regions initiative aims to improve migrants' connections with essential services and the community specific to the region.

"The services aim to create a sense of welcoming and belonging, expand a migrant worker's network, and contribute to attracting and retaining migrants in regional areas."