Visual merchandiser

What they do

Visual merchandisers design and set up products or services for display in retail settings. They design, develop and implement creative floor plans, as well as window, wall and point of sale displays.

Visual merchandisers work in collaboration with retail buyers, store managers, and marketing and promotion staff to attract customers. They may market a store or brand's identity and maximise sales opportunities through the selection, layout and visual presentation of products.

Working conditions

Visual merchandisers will spend part of their time working based in an office, creating visual plans and layout guidelines and researching current and future trends. They will also spend time travelling between suppliers, sourcing props and negotiating costs and budgeting.

Visual merchandisers will also work based within the retail space, building and disassembling displays, and arranging lighting and signage. They may need to work odd hours or weekends to set up displays outside of trading hours.

Tools and technologies

Visual merchandisers work with a range of materials to construct displays, including art and craft supplies, as well as equipment for lighting. Visual merchandisers may also use drawing boards, and computer-aided design (CAD) software packages to help generate their merchandising concepts. They may also use word processing and spreadsheet software.

How do I become one?

Education and training

It is possible to work as a visual merchandiser without any formal qualifications and get training on the job. However entry into this occupation may be improved by obtaining a qualification in retail, applied fashion design and merchandising, or a related area.

The Certificate III in Retail, the Certificate IV in Retail Management, and the Certificate IV and Diploma in Applied Fashion Design and Merchandising are offered at TAFE colleges and other registered training organisations throughout Western Australia. Browse courses through Jobs and Skills WA and search on the My Skills website to find a registered provider near you.

You can also undertake a traineeship in retail (level 3) or retail management (level 4). The traineeships usually take 12 months to complete, and the retail traineeship is available as a school-based traineeship.