Transit officer

What they do

Transit officers maintain a safe and secure environment for passengers and other workers on the Perth rail network. They patrol trains and stations, conducting ticket inspections and providing information and assistance to passengers about Transperth train, bus and ferry services. Transit officers have similar legal authority and powers as police officers when detaining offenders on Public Transport Authority (PTA) property. They are also required to prepare daily reports of any incidents and may need to compile court briefs and statements of evidence when offenders are to be prosecuted.

Working conditions

Transit officers work on trains and at various stations along the metropolitan train lines; Armadale, Fremantle, Joondalup, Mandurah and Midland. In some cases they may also patrol the roads alongside these lines by car. While most train stations have shelter available, transit officers may be required to work in areas exposed to the weather, including rain, wind and strong sun. They have a high level of contact with the public and may be required to deal with difficult or threatening passengers or offenders in a calm and professional manner. Transit officers are required to work shift-work, with most work required for afternoon, evening and weekend shifts. They may also be required to work early mornings and on public holidays.

Tools and technologies

Transit officers are issued with handcuffs, batons and OC (capsicum spray) and trained in their appropriate use. They also use two-way radios to communicate with a central office and other transit officers. When patrolling trains they inspect passengers' tickets or Smartrider cards, using a small hand-held reader. Transit officers must also be familiar with computers and word processing software to compile reports and record any incidents from their patrol. They will also be trained in using first-aid and fire-fighting equipment in case of emergency. Uniforms must also be worn when on duty.

How do I become one?

Education and training

It is possible to work as a transit officer without formal qualifications and get training on the job.

To become a transit officer you must successfully complete a recruitment and selection process with the Public Transport Authority. This involves a series of interviews, an integrity check, and fitness, aptitude and psychometric testing. 

Once you are employed with the Public Transport Authority, you will need to complete a 12-week training course.