Stunt performer

What they do

Stunt performers are involved in the performance of stunts for television, film and other productions. They study scripts, plans and other detailed documents to work out the best way to undertake a stunt, rehearse stunts with safety gear, and perform stunts in front of cameras or audiences. They may take the place of actors in dangerous filming situations, or scenes that require specialised skills such as fighting, falling or jumping. They liaise with stunt co-ordinators and attend training to learn how to perform new stunts, and work with directors, producers and other film crew to ensure that their stunts are performed and recorded according to the requirements of the script and to strict safety standards.

Working conditions

Stunt performers work in film and television studios and on-location on film sets. They work in a range of climatic conditions, including extreme heat and cold. They may be required to work in wet conditions, or to work in or around areas rigged with explosives or other hazardous materials. They may be required to work at heights, sometimes without safety harnesses. They may work long hours depending on the requirements of a shoot, and may be required to travel long distances to get to the set.

How do I become one?

Education and training

You can work as a stunt performer without formal qualifications and get training on the job.

Stunt performers often start as stunt performer assistants before taking on higher-risk stunt work.

Once established as a stunt performer they may move into the position of stunt coordinator or safety supervisor


Required registration and licensing

To work as a stunt performer in Western Australia you will need to obtain a stunt performer grading from MEAA.

A minimum of 6 months of general stunt training is a prerequisite for MEAA grading. The MEAA also review applications to obtain a stunt performer licence.

Contact the MEAA for more information about its National Stunt Grading Procedure.

You will also need to obtain a Senior First Aid Certificate