What they do

Publishers manage the creation and production of a wide range of print-based media, including books, magazines, newspapers, software and online content. They select, assess and critique the content of the work they publish and oversee and authorise design and budgetary decisions. They also organise the scheduling and timelines for printing, reprinting or manufacturing and marketing published content. They liaise with authors and editors, designers, illustrators and photographers, and printers and distributors. Publishers also licence their content to overseas publishing companies, and organise and attend the launches of their published products.

Working conditions

Publishers work in offices. They usually work regular hours, but are usually expected to work longer hours when working to deadlines. They may be required to travel nationally or internationally to attend launches, book fairs or conferences, or to meet authors, editors or other publishers. They generally work in cities and large towns, so in Western Australia most of the work for publishers is in Perth. However, some smaller publishers also exist in large regional centres, such as Magabala books in Broome.

Tools and technologies

Publishers use computers and specialist software to carry out word processing and document editing and formatting. Depending on their specific role within their organisation, they may also be required to use accounting or budgeting software.

How do I become one?

Education and training

It is possible to work as a publisher without any formal qualifications and get training on the job. However, entry into this occupation may be improved by obtaining a qualification in communications, media, journalism or a related area.

Most universities in Western Australia offer relevant courses. Postgraduate qualifications specialising in publishing are also offered by a number of interstate universities.

Contact the universities you are interested in for more information.

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Required registration and licensing