Postal delivery officer

What they do

Postal workers sort mail ready for their round. They deliver the mail either on foot, by bicycle or motorised transport. They keep a record of mail counts and may need to maintain their vehicle. They may be involved with wrongly addressed mail, redirected mail and underpaid mail. They may also be required to assist in preparing statistics on mail and other tasks. They may also be involved in the processing of outgoing mail.

Working conditions

Postal workers normally start work early (5:30am) and work 38 hours, Monday to Friday. Part of their working day will be inside and part will be outside. They may have to deliver mail in rain or very hot weather.

Tools and technologies

Postal workers may need to use electronic barcode scanners as part of their work. They may have to learn to use a software package on the computer.

How do I become one?

Education and training

It is possible to work as a postal delivery officer without any formal qualifications and get training on the job.


Required registration and licensing

To work as a postal delivery officer operating a motor vehicle in Western Australia you will need to hold or obtain an appropriate class of driver’s licence from the Department of Transport.