Policy analyst

What they do

Policy advisers guide the development and management of both government policies and the commercial projects and organisations that are concerned with these policies. They work with existing policies to update them and make them relevant for those sectors of the community that they effect. They also compile and present information regarding policy issues to governments and policy makers in the form of briefs, maps, charts and reports. They advise governments and related organisations on particular social, cultural or political trends that may affect policy development, formulate options for policy development, and assess the financial and social impacts of particular government policies.

Working conditions

Political advisers work in government offices, as well as in other businesses and organisations that are concerned with government projects and policies. They usually work regular office hours, but may be required to work longer hours on certain occasions.

Policy advisers work in the offices of either state or federal government departments, and may work in Perth or in regional centres where they can report on the way in which specific policies affect particular regional areas.

Tools and technologies

Policy advisers work mostly with computers and other office equipment such as telephones, photocopiers and fax machines. They often use the internet for research pursposes. They may be required to work with word-processing and data management software.

How do I become one?

Education and training

To become a policy analyst you usually need to study a university degree. While both the Western Australian Government and the Australian Public Service employee graduates from all disciplines through their graduate programs, studying a major in an area relevant to the policy field in which you wish to work, for example, environmental conservation, sport and recreation, or culture and the arts, would be beneficial.

All universities in Western Australia offer relevant courses. Contact the universities you are interested in for more information

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