Hotel or motel manager

What they do

Hotel or motel managers organise and control the operation of establishments that offer accommodation to tourists and other guests. Depending on the size of an establishment, they may deal directly with guests, taking bookings and showing them to their rooms on arrival, or they may primarily manage operations from behind the scenes. They are responsible for hiring and training staff, managing finances, setting budgets and organising staff to ensure that facilities are kept clean, and that guests enjoy their stay. They may also manage restaurants and bars attached to an establishment.

Working conditions

Accommodation managers work in hotels, motels, caravan parks, hostels and other accommodation providers throughout Western Australia. Most accommodation managers work indoors, in an office or lobby area, however, in some cases they may be required to work outdoors, carrying out or supervising maintenance, or supervising the outdoor operations of a holiday resort. The types of accommodation these workers manage can vary from a 5-star luxury resort on the beach in Broome, to a small hotel or pub located in the Goldfields. Accommodation managers may be required to work shifts, which can include working nights and on weekends. Alternatively, they may work on-call, to be available to deal with issues that arise with guests at any time. There are a number of opportunities for self-employment in this industry, particularly in smaller operations.

Tools and technologies

Accommodation managers generally use computers and specialised software for tasks such as managing accounts, making and recording bookings and general administrative tasks. In smaller establishments, managers may be involved in activities such as running a bar, carrying out maintenance, preparing food or cleaning rooms, in which case they will need to be familiar with equipment specific to these tasks.

How do I become one?

Education and training

You can work as a hotel or motel manager without any formal qualifications. However, entry into this occupation will be improved by obtaining a qualification in hospitality management, business or a related area. Most employers will also require those working in management roles to have experience using leadership skills in a related industry or occupation.  The Certificates III and IV in Hospitality and the Diploma of Hospitality Management are offered at TAFE colleges and other registered training organisations throughout Western Australia. To find a training provider near you, browse the Jobs and Skills WA website or visit the My Skills website.

You can also undertake a traineeship in assistant manager (resorts) (level 4) or manager (resorts) (level 5). The assistant manager traineeship usually takes 18 months to complete. The manager traineeship usually takes 24 months to complete.

You can study a degree majoring in tourism and hospitality management or management. All universities in Western Australia offer relevant courses. Contact the universities you are interested in for more information.


Apprenticeships and traineeships

As an apprentice or trainee, you enter into a formal training contract with an employer, enabling you to complete training towards a nationally recognised qualification. You spend  time working and learning practical skills on the job and you spend some time undertaking structured training with a registered training provider.

You can do an apprenticeship or traineeship if you are a school-leaver, re-entering the workforce or as an adult or mature-aged person wishing to change careers. You can even begin your apprenticeship or traineeship while you're still at school.

If you are still at school you can access an apprenticeship through your school. Talk to your school's VET Co-ordinator to start your training now through VET in Schools. If you are no longer at school you can apply for an apprenticeship or traineeship and get paid while you learn and work.

Required registration and licensing

To work as a hotel or motel manager in Western Australia, you may need to obtain a relevant Approved Managers Licence from the Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor WA.

You will need to obtain a Manager of Licensed Premises Certificate (MLP1) from the Australian Hotels Association.

You may need to obtain a Responsible Service of Alcohol Certificate (RSA). Contact the Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor WA for approved registered training organisations who deliver the RSA course in Western Australia.