Samantha finds opportunities through the Kalgoorlie Jobs and Skills Centre

After moving to Kalgoorlie in the hope of finding employment, Samantha Bell started to lose confidence when it seemed no opportunities were coming her way.

As a woman in her 40s with skills and experience, Samantha needed someone who would listen, boost her confidence back up, and help her find a job.

Here’s what Samantha had to say about her experience with the Kalgoorlie Jobs and Skills Centre (JSC).

What was your reason for accessing the services of the JSC?

I was new to the area and new to the workforce. I moved to Kalgoorlie in January under the pretence of there being plenty of jobs, however after trying the normal avenues I made an appointment with the Kalgoorlie Jobs and Skills Centre to meet with Tracy Talbot, their career consultant.

What services did the JSC provide for you?

Tracy helped me look at my skills and training, and narrow down an area of work that would be best suited to me. She also helped with improving my resume and interviewing skills.

Tell us about your experience with the JSC.

I gained confidence and understanding of what employers might be looking for, and also felt more confident that my skills are good enough.

The services provided by the JSC and Tracy absolutely opened opportunities for me — I have a job now! And I have confidence in myself and my skills.

Would you recommend the JSC to others?

Yes, I already have. My nephew and my daughter – anyone who will listen!

Is there anything else you would like to say?

Not having a job or confidence in yourself to apply for jobs can put you in a not so nice place. I now understand the process so much better. Everyone has been super nice, welcoming and supportive.

Every day, JSCs are helping people just like Samantha. Whether you’re looking for information about training, help with getting your resume together or writing a job application, or you need support with career planning or finding a job, your local JSC can help. Services are free!  


Samantha standing at Jobs and Skills Centre
Samantha with Jobs and Skills Centre staff learning how to use a computer