Identifying training solutions for COVID-19 recovery

An urgent review of skills, training and workforce development in response to COVID 19 has been established.

The review will aim to identify practical and responsive training solutions for the post-COVID 19 recovery period. This follows the profound effect the pandemic’s restrictions have had on the workforce with many people losing their jobs or employment opportunities being reduced significantly.

The review team, led by Ms Anne Driscoll, Director General of the Department of Training and Workforce Development; Ms Michelle Hoad, Managing Director, North Metropolitan TAFE and Ms Terry Durant, Managing Director, South Metropolitan TAFE, will engage with industry and business to identify training needs and develop specific proposals that respond to these needs. The State Recovery Advisory Group will work with the review team to communicate specific occupations, skills, needs and training courses required to respond to local needs across WA.

A report on key opportunities, practical actions and proposed TAFE implementation responses will be provided by the review team to the State Recovery Controller by 30 June 2020.

Skills Training and Workforce Development review