Get stuck into STEM at the Skills West Expo

The annual event, now in its tenth year, will run from 16 – 18 August 2019. Skills West Expo is Perth’s largest training and career event, with a focus on the opportunities offered by a vocational education and training (VET) pathway.

North and South Metropolitan TAFEs have combined forces to provide a host of activities to inspire visitors with STEM at this year’s event. Visitors can try a range of activities in the dedicated STEM hub from virtual welding to aerospace and game design and explore future technologies that are on show.

Here are just a few of the activities that you can get into at this year’s expo.

Meet the Jobs and Skills Centre teams!

The Jobs and Skills Centre teams will also be at the Expo offering a one-stop-shop for free careers, training and employment advice and assistance. Be sure to stop by stand 21 and say hello!

Ready to take flight? Check out the South Metropolitan TAFE helicopter (for real!) or pilot a plane with our virtual reality masks.

Immerse yourself in arcade games at the virtual reality sideshow alley and try your hand at
2D and 3D drawing.

Applied engineering
The future has arrived! Learn about the world of mechatronics with our miniature demonstrations featuring a smart home and an industrial production line.

Building design
Enter another dimension as you enjoy a virtual walk-through of a building design.

Cyber security
Enjoy the thrill of the hunt as you analyse the deliberate exploitation of a computer system, enterprise or network in this billion-dollar growing business.

Accessorise like a fashionista by making your very own keyring or earrings.

Anything is pulse-ible with a nurse around! Get a free health check from North Metropolitan TAFE’s Roaming Education and Community Health (REACH) Clinic (Friday only).

Web/computer programming
Take your first steps on the information super highway as you create a web page using HTML, program a game using Python and play with some fantastic apps.

Try’a Skill and WorldSkills
As well as Try‘a Skill activities, the WorldSkills pavilion will be staging ten WorldSkills competitions which test some of the State’s most talented in a battle of the skills in construction trades, automotive industries and engineering. Don’t miss this opportunity to witness some of the best of WA’s skilled trades competing live.

If you’re looking for employment, some of WA’s top employers will be on exhibit at the show. Visitors to the expo can also take advantage of career seminars as well as resume advice workshops that will be running across the weekend.

How to make the most of your visit to the Skills West Expo 

Why are you going?
Make a list of the things you're most interested in – maybe it's options for training, or you're keen on a particular type of work, or you want help to find a job.... or maybe it's a whole lot of things!

If you're planning on collecting a load of brochures that you can read later at home, be sure to take a bag.

Who can help you?
There's over 100 exhibitors, so you need to spend your time wisely and you may not have time to see them all.
Take a look at the list of exhibitors to figure out which ones best match the list of things you're most interested in, and visit their website if you want to find out more about them before you go to the expo.

What do you want to know?
Think about the questions you want to ask... write them down in a notebook or on your phone or tablet so you don't forget anything. Here's a few you might want to put on your list.

  • What are the entry requirements for this course/training?
  • What can I do to improve my chances of getting into this job/career/course?
  • What jobs are available after the course/training?
  • What are the costs involved?

Get amongst it!
You'll get the most out of your expo experience if you plan your visit. The Skills West Expo website has full details of exhibitors and presenters, and details of all the events that are happening on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Visit the website

Mix your time up – see a presentation or two, go check out the Try’a Skill area, get hands-on with some of the activities and interactive exhibits, and make time to browse around.

Take a notebook or your phone/tablet so you can keep track of what you see and who you talk to, it helps to remember everything later.

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