Mechatronic engineer

What they do

Mechatronic engineers design, develop and build products that combine mechanical and electronic engineering for a range of practical applications. Mechatronics also incorporates computer, control and systems design engineering, and can be used to create intelligent machines and advanced manufacturing and processing systems. Mechatronic engineers create engineering systems that automate industrial tasks, develop mechatronic solutions and electronic control systems for existing products or processes, and investigate the cost and performance benefits of mechatronic engineering solutions. Mechatronic engineers are mostly employed in engineering firms in the Perth metropolitan area.

Working conditions

Mechatronic engineers work mostly in the laboratories, workshops, processing plants and offices of engineering design firms. Their work is usually split between administrative and organisational tasks, and design and development work. They usually work regular hours, but may be expected to work longer hours at times, especially when working to a deadline. Mechatronic engineers may be required to travel to view new design ideas or technologies, or to present at or attend conferences.

Tools and technologies

Mechatronic engineers use computers and computer-aided design (CAD) and other engineering software that is used specifically for modelling, simulating and analysing complex mechanical, electronic or other engineering systems. They use numerical computing environments and may also need to be familiar with programming languages.

How do I become one?

Education and training

To become a mechatronic engineer you usually need to study a degree in mechatronics engineering. Alternatively, related degrees in electrical or mechanical engineering may also be appropriate.

 Most universities in Western Australia offer relevant courses. Contact the universities you are interested in for more information.