Corporate general manager

What they do

Corporate general managers direct and oversee the operations of an organisation or business. They make decisions regarding the overall objectives, processes and policies of an organisation. They plan and administer financial targets, which they use to monitor the performance of the business.

The corporate general manager is responsible for managing and coordinating the staff, and delegating duties and tasks to efficiently achieve the commercial goals of the company. They provide leadership and direction, and consult with staff to monitor how effectively business operations are functioning.

Working conditions

Corporate general managers may work for commercial, industrial, government and defence organisations. They usually work in an office environment. They may be required to travel interstate or overseas, depending on the organisation they work for.

Corporate general managers will spend a lot of time consulting with staff and providing direction at all levels of their organisation, as well as representing the business at official engagements.

Tools and technologies

Corporate general managers will perform many of their tasks on a computer. They will need to be familiar with business and project management software.

Corporate general managers can work in a diverse range of industries, and will usually require both extensive management experience and practical experience using the tools and specialised equipment relevant to the industry in which they are working.

How do I become one?

Education and training

To become a corporate general manager you usually need to gain a qualification in business management or a related field. Most employers will also require those working in management roles to have experience using leadership skills in a related industry or occupation.

The Diploma of Leadership and Management is offered at TAFE colleges and other registered training organisations throughout Western Australia.

Browse courses through Jobs and Skills WA and search on the My Skills website to find a registered provider near you.

You can also study a degree in business or commerce, majoring in management.

Most universities in Western Australia offer relevant courses. Contact the universities you are interested in for more information.

Learn more about your study options.

Required registration and licensing