Car park attendant

What they do

Car park attendants monitor the use and security of car parking facilities. They may collect fees, operate boom gates, direct users to available spaces and/or check parked vehicles for valid tickets. Many car parks use automated machines for these tasks. Here car park attendants may be responsible for carrying out minor maintenance on the machines, including loading tickets and collecting money. They may also be responsible for cleaning up spills and broken glass which may damage cars or cause injury to drivers’ vehicles. Some car parks may offer a cleaning service, in which case car park attendants will wash cars and vacuum the interior. They may be required to drive vehicles short distances within the facility.

Working conditions

Car park attendants usually work in a small booth or office, although they may also carry out regular patrols through a car park. Some car park attendants may work outside in most weather conditions, while others work in undercover or underground facilities, though these may still be exposed to the elements. Car park attendants may be required to do shift work, which can include working early mornings, nights, weekends and public holidays. Most of the car park attendants employed in Western Australia work in the Perth metropolitan region.

Tools and technologies

Car park attendants may use cash registers, ticket punches and/or computers, though this will vary between individual car parks. Many facilities are automated, and car park attendants will need to be familiar with the technology used so that they are able to carry out minor maintenance and provide assistance to customers. In some cases they may use car cleaning and detailing equipment, including soap, wax, polish and vacuum cleaners. Most car park attendants are required to wear a uniform, which may include high-visibility clothing.

How do I become one?

Education and training

It is possible to work as a car park attendant without any formal qualifications and get training on the job. Entry into this occupation may be improved by holding a valid driver’s licence and/or a National Police Certificate.

Required registration and licensing

You may improve your job prospects by holding a valid driver’s licence and/or a National Police Certificate.