Finding a job

In today's ever changing world of work, new opportunities are opening up and new directions are possible for everyone. Just think —it's not so long ago that the internet didn't exist, and the idea of using automated robots to build cars or drive trucks on mining sites seemed ridiculous. Who knows how the world will change and what jobs will come to exist years from now!

In decades past, it was common for people to have one job (and even one employer) for life. Today, most of us can expect to have a range of different jobs in our lifetime and this may involve having several jobs at one time. Your search for work will be made easier and more exciting if you don't think just about ‘getting a job for life’ but instead look at exploring a variety of work options. Don't be daunted by the challenge of finding a job, once you have the right tips and tools you can do it!

Jobs of the future.
Jobs of the future.
Jobs of the future.
Jobs of the future.

This section of the website aims to give you practical tips to be prepared and resourceful in your job searching. Here you can find out about four key areas:

Together with the useful tools and resources in the Information and resources section, you'll be good to go! 

For Aboriginal jobseeekers

Aboriginal jobseeker.

If you are an Aboriginal jobseeker. we have specialist support and services available to help with your job search.

We also offer a jobs board with employment opportunities specifically for Aboriginal people.

Please visit the Aboriginal services section of our website

Top tip: Social media

Do you use social media, like Facebook or Instagram? Do you have an online presence, like an online blog?  Did you know that many employers do an internet search on people who apply for their jobs, and check on their social media?

To look at what a potential employer might find about you, you can do a search (eg via Google) on your name and see what comes up.


If you are on social media, check your page/s and profile/s to make sure there's nothing on there that you wouldn't want a potential employer to see... if there is, change your privacy settings to "friends only" and/or hide or remove any sensitive content.

You might also want to ask your friends to un-tag you from any photos or content that you wouldn't want potential employers seeing.

How we can help

Ask for help if you need it! You don't have to do it alone. 

It can be difficult to keep jobseeking on your own, especially if you are feeling discouraged or a bit unsure about your options. You will often need the support and assistance of friends, family, people you respect and staff from various agencies, and it's important to use the free services that are available to you.

You may also be having trouble deciding on what you want to do, or maybe you need to do some further investigating about your interest areas and get some individual career guidance. Should you wish to speak with someone in person, the career advisors at your local Jobs and Skills Centre can help. There's also free jobseeker workshops available at your local centre.