Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media (Game Art & Design)

Jobs and Skills WA: Digital game design courses
Want to create new digital worlds?

Through this course, you'll be job ready for a career exploring new worlds through the exciting industry of game art and design. Game artists design and build the digital environments, characters and props for games and work in a highly creative environment.

You'll be able to develop creative abilities in concept art, storyboarding and visual development; 3-D character development and modelling; texturing and game design; and create simulations, game environments and props using the latest industry standard software and equipment. Completion of this course may also offer advanced standing and/or a pathway for bachelor degree-level study at university. 

Industry: Creative Industries
National course code: CUA60620 | WA State ID: AC85

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Let your artistic and  game design skills take you to the next level in games development

Computer Generated imagery (CG) artists and game developers work together to create video games, with CG artists responsible for designing and creating the visual elements of the game, such as environments, characters, and vehicles/props, while game developers focus on the programming, interaction and technical aspects of the game.

Unleash your potential as a game developer and CG artist with our Advanced Diploma qualification, learn to design games, script interactions, build stunning game art, characters and worlds using industry-standard tools. With our strong industry connections, you'll have the opportunity to showcase your work at the end-of-year Expo. By the end of the course, you'll have a professional showreel and your very own game creations.

You will be equipped to be competitive in the global market, using the same software and work practices employed by top games and animation studios all over the world.

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